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DUI Charges Reduced to Reckless Driving 

January 2015

A client was able to avoid a DUI on her driving record after Attorney Mike O’Donnell was able to negotiate a reduction of DUI charges to Reckless Driving

DuPage Retail Theft Case Dismissed 

April 2015

A client had his Retail Theft case dismissed following the case being set for trial by Attorney Mike O’Donnell 


DuPage County Domestic Battery Case Dismissed 

May 2015

A client who was arrested for domestic battery got his case dismissed after arguments by Attorney Mike O’Donnell for lack of prosecution.  The client was then able to expunge his arrest records 

DuPage County DUI Suspension Rescinded

  June 2015

After the filing of a motion, Attorney Mike O’Donnell successfully suppressed DUI drug testing results, resulting in the clients driving privileges being restored    

State Underage Drinking Charge Reduced

  July 2015

Attorney Michael O’Donnell was successful in having Underage Consumption of Alcohol charges reduced to avoid a mandatory driver’s license suspension 


Robbery Reduced to a Misdemeanor

  August 2015

After identifying an identification weakness in the State's case, Attorney Michael O’Donnell, was able to get his client’s Felony Robbery charge reduced to a misdemeanor charge  

DuPage County DUI Suspension Rescinded

August 2015

A client’s DUI suspension was removed after Attorney Mike O’Donnell successful argued that the State had violated the Clients due process rights 


Grundy County Accident Ticket Thrown Out at Trial

  October 2015

After investigating the scene of the accident, Attorney Mike O’Donnell successfully had Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident Charges thrown out at trial, saving his clients CDL license 


Cook Battery Charges Dismissed

  November 2015

A client had a Battery case dismissed following the case being set for trial by Attorney Mike O’Donnell

  Felony Charges Reduced 

December 2015

A client had his Felony Theft charges reduced to misdemeanor charges after Mike O’Donnell submitted a mitigation packet to prosecutors and negotiated a reduced sentence   


DUI Charges Dismissed 

March 2016

  Mike O’Donnell was able to have his clients DUI charges dismissed after he established that the arresting officer failed to follow proper procedures in seeking and obtaining drug test results

   Winnebago County DUI Charges Defeated at Jury Trial 

March 2016

Attorney Michael O’Donnell won his clients DUI jury trial after aggressive cross examination of the arresting officers DUI investigation procedures

    Second Chance Probation Sentence Negotiated 

April 2016 

A client was able to save his job after Attorney Michael O’Donnell submitted mitigation to prosecutors and was able to negotiate a sentence of Second Chance probation to avoid a felony conviction on his record

DuPage County Disorderly Conduct Trial Won

  April 2016 

Attorney Michael O’Donnell won a client’s Disorderly Conduct trial through cross examination and effective arguments on case law


DuPage DUI Charges Dismissed  

June 2016

Attorney Mike O’Donnell conducted a hearing and established that his client’s privacy rights were violated, resulting in the State being unable to use lab test results against him at trial for a DUI charge 


DuPage County DUI Case Won 

July 2016

After trial conducted by Attorney Mike O’Donnell, a client was found not guilty of DUI despite being involved in an accident

   Theft Case Dismissed 

August 2016

Attorney Mike O’Donnell successfully negotiated with prosecutors resulting in them agreeing to dismiss Theft charges against his client

    Cook County DUI Suspension Rescinded

  August 2016

After a hearing, Attorney Mike O’Donnell successfully suppressed statements made after his client was arrested for DUI and argued that the arresting lacked probable cause and reasonable grounds to place the client under arrest for DUI - resulting in the clients driving privileges being restored


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