Office Locations in - Wheaton - St. Charles - Elgin 

Office Locations in - Wheaton - St. Charles - Elgin 

Office Locations in - Wheaton - St. Charles - Elgin 


At the Law Offices of O'Donnell & Nierman, we provide mitigation to the prosecution or judge to help get you the best result possible for your criminal, ordinance violation or traffic offense.

Mitigation can be provided to the prosecution or court verbally or in writing.  While we can usually resolve most cases by plea discussions in court, in some circumstances the prosecution will require what is known as a "mitigation letter". A mitigation letter is written by your attorney on your behalf to the prosecution. In such situations, we write a mitigation letter to the prosecution in order to reach an agreed sentence or to have charges dismissed or amended. Often the court room prosecutor will need to review the mitigation letter with their supervisor or the police officials involved before they make a decision on our request.  The form below is designed to help you give your attorneys the information they need to write a mitigation letter on your behalf and is for internal law office use only (the form itself will not be tendered to the court or prosecution- so feel free to write what you think may help (don't worry about grammar) knowing that the information will be screened and reviewed by your attorney and not submitted verbatim).  

You can also send us or email any documents that may be helpful.  Often we will attach these documents to our mitigation letter to make a "mitigation packet" or show the documents to the prosecution in court. Do not send us originals. Such documents include:

  • Resumes
  • Character / Recommendation Letters*
  • Certificates of Achievement or Awards
  • Performance Reviews
  • Medical Documents (only If specifically requested by your attorney)
  • Report Cards
  • Diplomas
  • Military Documents (DD-214, awards, evaluations, disability documents)
  • Achievements of Family Members or Children
  • Newspaper Articles (about you or family members)                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Email the documents in PDF form to 

* Letters that address your character and the specific incident are better than generic recommendation letters.

* For mitigation packets address the letters to- "To Whom It May Concern".  

* For Sentencing Hearings (a contested plea to a judge) your attorney will give you the name of the judge to address the letters to.  

Mitigation Form

First Name Required field!
Last Name Required field!
Email: Required field!
1. Do You Participate In Any Volunteerism (provide specifics)? Required field!
2. Do You Donate To Any Charities (provide specifics)? Required field!
3. Describe Your Employment Situation: Required field!
4. Are You Married (if so how long)? Required field!
5. List Your Education Background: Required field!
6. Do You Have Children? Required field!
6 a. List Ages , Gender And Any Special Circumstances Also Anything Your Are Specifically Proud Of: Required field!
7. Do You Provide Special Care To Any Other Family Members of Friends (provide specifics)? Required field!
8. Please Describe Any Special Circumstances Regarding How or Why The Incident You Were Involved With Occurred: Required field!
9. Are You Charged With A Driving Offense? Required field!
9 a. How Will Losing Your Drivers License (Or CDL, Or Increased Insurance Rates) Impact Your Life? Required field!
10. Are You Charged With A Criminal Or Ordinance Violation? Required field!
10 a. How Will Being Convicted Of This Offense Impact Your Life? Required field!
11. If Applicable, List Your Life Goals (What You Seek To Achieve In Life Or Have Achieved): Required field!
12. List Any Background About You Not Covered Above That You Think Will Help Highlight You As A Person To The Prosecution or Court: Required field!
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