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Office Locations in - Wheaton - St. Charles - Elgin 

Office Locations in - Wheaton - St. Charles - Elgin 

Vacating Traffic Convictions

DuPage, Cook, Kane, Will and Kendall County Traffic Violations Attorneys for Ex Parte Convictions and Guilty Pleas    

Vacating Traffic Convictions in DuPage County

Each day, thousands of traffic tickets are issued throughout the state of Illinois, including many here in DuPage and Kane County. All too often, the alleged offender treats the violation as a minor concern, not really considering the possible long-term implications. Such an approach can be very dangerous because traffic violations can quickly add up, potentially leading to very serious consequences. At the Law Offices of Michael P. O'Donnell & Ingrid L. Nierman, we realize that it is never a good idea to plead guilty to a traffic violation that you do not fully understand, but that inaction is also not advisable. That is why we are prepared to help you request that a traffic conviction be vacated when appropriate.

Ex Parte Judgments in Illinois

When you are issued a traffic citation, you are given a certain amount of time in which to respond to the charge. Depending on your charge, you may choose to respond by mail, plead guilty, and pay your fine. The other option is to appear in court to contest the ticket, often with the help of a qualified lawyer. If you do neither, the court may enter a conviction known as an ex parte order—essentially a default judgment of guilt—against you.

An ex parte conviction creates several problems for a driver. First, the judgment means that he or she has been deemed guilty of the charge in question and, if the charge was a moving violation, the applicable points may be recorded on his or her record. The conviction may also trigger the automatic suspension of driving privileges associated with three moving violations in a 12-month period. An ex parte conviction also means that the driver must go through the legal process of vacating the conviction before it will be cleared from his or her record.

Mail-In Pleas

In many cases, a cited driver will respond to his or her violation by mailing in a guilty plea along with the payment of the associated fine. Oftentimes, a driver will plead guilty by mail without fully understanding the implications of such a decision and without proper legal guidance. Then, he or she may receive a notice of conviction or suspension that he or she was not expecting. Vacating a conviction based on a mail-in guilty plea may be an option in some  situations. The process of vacating a conviction can be quite complicated and is best done with the help of an experienced traffic violations lawyer. Attorney Michael O'Donnell and Ingrid Nierman are ready to help you address your issues with the court and get you back on track. When facing any type of charges, you need to have an advocate looking after your best interests, and we are here for you.  

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